Vivek Bindra’s Online Clash with Sandeep Maheshwari: Unveling the ’10-day MBA’ Controversy

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Vivek Bindra has been in the news for the wrong reasons on previous occasions. Bindra, who was previously involved in an online dispute with another motivational speaker, is currently being accused of assault. Eight days following their nuptials, his wife accused the 41-year-old of “punching her and causing hearing loss.”

The police stated that they are looking into the claims and would act after they have finished their investigation. After being hitched on December 6, Bindra and Yanika moved into an upscale neighbourhood in Sector 94, Noida. But his wife reported an assault at Noida’s Sector 126 police station a few days after the wedding. Vaibhav Kwatra, Yanika’s brother, also filed a complaint against Bindra on December 9, which resulted in the filing of a formal complaint on December 14. His wife reportedly suffered severe head injuries; as a result, she is reportedly receiving treatment for her hearing loss.

My brother-in-law abused and severely assaulted my sister Yanika, leaving her with wounds all over her body, after she interfered. Kwatra said, ‘She lost some hair and couldn’t hear.

“The blow to her head was making her feel lightheaded. At Delhi’s Kailash Hospital, she is receiving treatment,” he said. Kwatra also claimed that Bindra destroyed his sister’s cell phone during the fight.

IPC sections 323 (causing harm), 504 (intentional insult to induce breach of peace), 325 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt), and 427 (mischief) are the charges filed against Bindra. “In order to gather information, we have opened an investigation. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida), Rajneesh Verma, told PTI that appropriate action would be taken.

10 days later: an MBA

Bindra is the founder and CEO of Businesswala Private Limited (BBPL), a large company that offers business and marketing courses. In addition, he offers advice on entrepreneurship to people looking to grow their companies. One person does, however, assert that you can finish an MBA programme in ten days. Their X platform account states that they offer a “free” 10-day MBA education. However, concerns have been voiced regarding this plan.

Former fellow YouTuber and motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari and Bindra became embroiled in an online feud. His opponent in business recently accused him of running a “scam,” which sparked an online feud between them. In a video titled “Big Scam Exposed,” Maheshwari claims that Bindra is a multi-level marketing course operator and that he is involved in a scam involving approximately 500 crores. He charged that Bindra was taking large fees from students in order to “teach business.” The situation has gotten more heated because Bindra is said to have threatened Maheshwari’s legal team.

Vivek Bindra Vs Sandeep Maheshwari

The YouTube channel “Sandeep Maheshwari” posted this video, which is captioned “Big Scam Revealed | By Sandeep Maheshwari.”

Vivek Bindra posted a “response video” on YouTube with the title “The Biggest Controversy – Dr. Vivek Bindra” in response to the whole thing. He addressed Maheshwari directly in his video, calling him “Jaaneman” (dear), and added that they or their team may have also looked into the other side of the story.

After then, Bindra’s video caused a stir on the internet, and people began to take sides: some backed Maheshwari, while others backed Bindra. This video was posted on December 20 and has received over 2.1 million views.

One of the media users wrote, “I admire you both. Both have inspiring and imaginative qualities. I’m hoping that this can be fixed quickly.”

Debate Regarding the Sikh Community

The Sikh community retaliated against Bindra in June 2022 when he used an animated picture of Guru Gobind Singh in one of his movies. After this uproar, Bindra was forced to apologise due to requests for an apology.

Indian Medical Association v. Vivek Bindra Leaving a Comment

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) filed legal action against Bindra in 2018. In a video titled “Reality of the Indian Medical System,” Bindra was charged by IMA of disparaging physicians. In spite of the possibility of a ₹50 crore defamation lawsuit, Bindra prevailed because the court saw the value of free speech

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